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IndustrialComponent.com, being an ecommerce service, acts as conduit for sensitive, secure and private data. Specifically addressed herein is payment information, address information, telephone numbers, and other such data commonly given during an online or telephone purchase.

Utmost care is taken to maintain the privacy of our customers who patronize our online domains, catalogs and stores.

It is IndustrialComponent's strict policy not to share, rent, lease or sell such data information to any organization or to any individual under any circumstances.

Customer residence address, business address and phone number data is given only to the IndustrialComponent's Order Entry Desk at our shipping centers that fulfill the customers purchase. This information is not used for any other purpose whatsoever. IndustrialComponent does not knowingly use any customer data for any purposes other than the security of our customers' information.

At IndustrialComponent.com, we believe strongly in business privacy, personal privacy and transaction security and as such forbid the use of our shopping cart services data and/or customer data and/or business information tracking or tracking trails or any ancillary data by any agencies, other merchants or outside services engaging in mass emailings, unsolicited emailings, or any other type of spam currently in vogue. This policy is and will be enforced, and may result in prosecution under the laws of the state of California and the United States of America.

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